March 2016 – The Carragher Chronicles

Dear Praying Friends,

Our family cannot thank you enough for your faithful prayers and support.  You honor us in a way we know we do not deserve.  We will never understand why the Lord loves us enough to give such dear friends and family.   With the Lord’s help we will do everything we can to earn your trust and bring Him glory.

Since our last prayer letter the Lord is answering your prayers and we want to share the following praises:

  • For 10 souls coming to the saving knowledge of their Lord and Savior.
  • For 15 ministry leaders trained to work with those with PTSD at Southland Christian Camp.
  • For two new locations identified for military church planters. At one base a Baptist church of like faith is 60 miles away.
  • For the privilege of briefing a major Army command group about our PTSD groups and church plants.
  • For a man we led to the Lord and introduced to a pastor and church. He later admitted he had already written a suicide letter and planned to kill himself the day he was saved.
  • For a young lady I recently met at a Bible college. Twelve years ago, after her pastor and I had dinner, we knocked on doors at a local trailer park and led her parents to the Lord. The next morning after I preached, she, as a 10 year old, was saved.  That evening after I finished preaching she came forward and asked for prayer that she would attend a Bible college and marry a preacher.  We prayed together and I kept her in my prayers for years.  It was  all I  could  do to keep from shouting at chapel service when she said, “I graduate in May and will marry this preacher standing next to me in June.”  Only God can answer prayer so specifically.

“If ye abide in me, and my words abide in you, ye shall ask what ye will, and it shall be done unto you.” ~John 15:7

Prayer Requests:

  • Pray for Christ to have the preeminence in all we do.
  • Pray for the safety of our military and their families. Three heroes died in Afghanistan since our last letter.
  • Pray for our veterans. More than 600 committed suicide in February.  Join us in begging the Lord for their souls.
  • Pray for two new missionaries needed for church plants.
  • Pray for my friend, Frank, who is suffering from Pancreatic Cancer.
  • Pray for our AFBM Administrator, Mrs. Denise Darden, for complete healing as she recovers from her last Chemo treatment.
  • Pray for Debbie for a plan to deal with her bone spurs (one on each hip) and a pain free resolution.
  • Pray for Doug II and Daniel as they look for permanent jobs.
  • Pray for our spiritual and physical health.
  • Pray for me to be a godly husband, leader, preacher and father.

Thank you again for your prayers, support and love.  We are eternally in your debt.  We love you, learn from your sacrifice, and hold you in high esteem.  We are your servants,

Doug and Debbie Carragher