January 2020 – Carragher Chronicles

We cannot thank you enough for you love, prayers and support. The Lord uses your faithfulness to encourage us in our shared ministry.

“Arise, shine; for thy light is come, and the glory of the Lord is risen upon thee.” ~Isaiah 60:1

We chose the above verse as our new annual verse. Pray with us that we will exude the Lord’s glory in all we do.

As we enter into 2020, there is a sense of more open doors than we ever experienced before. It’s as if the Lord is providing a larger field for us to plow and we’re thrilled. Though our schedule is full, we rejoice in reaching our field for the glory of God.

The past two months have been among the busiest and most productive of our ministry. Join us in praising the Lord for the following highlights:

  • For two souls saved since our last prayer letter.
  • For two PTSD Workshops held in November. The Lord blessed us with veterans, missionaries, first responders and civilians suffering from PTSD. We’re still working with several on a daily basis.
  • For Christ-honoring fellowship among our missionaries and churches.
  • For the opportunity to train ninety pastors about military missions.
  • For the Lord opening doors with overseas missionaries, who have suffered trauma, or works with those who do. This segment has been long praying for biblical help with PTSD.
  • For several churches averaging more than 20 people a week in their PTSD groups.

Please pray with us for the following requests:   

  • For Christ to have the preeminence in all we do.
  • For our military and their safety. This past month has been very costly.
  • For Debbie who is recovering from Elbow surgery, a result of tripping on a sidewalk at a church in September.
  • For our family’s spiritual and physical health.
  • For new missionaries.
  • For our missionaries on deputation to receive all of their support.
  • For safety as we travel.
  • For our visits to missionaries and that the Lord will use us to assist them.
  • For our church planters and that the Lord will give them a solid outreach.
  • For our personal outreach and that we will be faithful.
  • For the right plan and resources to reach those inside the newly opened doors.

As we finish 16 years in ministry, we are more committed than ever. We are dedicated to earning your trust every day and bringing glory to our Lord. Please let us know if we can   do anything to help you.

We thank the Lord that you are in our lives.  You hold a dear place in our hearts and in the Lord’s Army.  We pray daily for the Lord to provide a vision of how He’s used your prayers and support to reach our heroes.  You are our heroes, and we cannot thank you enough.

Your servants,

Doug & Debbie Carragher