March 2013 – The Carragher Chronicles

Dear Praying Friends,

We are very thankful for your faithful support and prayers. You’re a wonderful gift from God.
“Whereby are given unto us exceeding great and precious promises….” ~2 Peter 1:4

  • The Lord’s precious promises are such a help to us as we labor with the U.S. Military. Sharing His promises make our lives worthwhile.
  • The Lord continues to provide opportunities and laborers. Below, find our praises for the last couple months:
  • The Lord called Donny and Christy Brown to be missionaries to Camp Casey, South Korea.
  • The Lord called John and Nikki Glenn to be missionaries to Camp Darby, Italy.
  • Debbie and I traveled and trained in two different colleges.
  • We conducted deputation training for two families. AFBM shipped Bibles to soldiers on three bases.
  • We’re currently working with four families for missionary service.
  • We have coordinated six internships Overseas.
  • The Lord saved nine souls through our ministry.
  • We now have 12 locations for future church plants.
  • Debbie and I traveled 8,000 miles by car without incident or injury.
  • Doug II will graduate from college on May 3rd.
  • Daniel is now receiving treatments for allergies that should help with his asthma.

As always, we continue to face attacks, but we never thought that they would come from our own government. Almost weekly, we continue to read about changes and regulations removing our ability to distribute Bibles or visit on some bases. At the same time the news is filled with military support for same sex marriage and benefits. I would never have believed that gays would share military medical
benefits. To pay for those benefits they continue to cut retiree’s medical benefits. We received a letter informing us we would face increases in our payments by at least 300%. Fortunately, we still have the best insurance from heaven.

Prayer Requests:

  • That Christ would receive the preeminence in our lives and ministry.
  • For the safety and souls of our heroes and their families.
  • For the families and friends of our fallen heroes and that the Lord will use their sacrifices for His glory.
  • For a new binding machine used in the process of binding Bibles. The current one we use is fifty years old and at times failing. If you know a church or former ministry that has one they are no longer using please let us know.
  • For more churches to have an AFBM Bible Conference or military themed missions conference. Pray for more churches to reach out to local Veteran homes and hospitals.
  • For our veterans — 18 veterans commit suicide every day.
  • For the families of the 5,700 heroes that have died in Afghanistan and Iraq; and the 34,000 that have been injured.
  • For our families’ health and safety as we represent the ministry and reach out to our heroes and their families.
  • For open doors on bases and in VA hospitals.

Again, thank you so much for your financial and spiritual backing that makes it possible to carry on our military ministry. Please know that the Lord is using you to reach our heroes for Christ.

It’s an honor to remain your servants for Christ,
Doug, Debbie, Doug II and Daniel Carragher