The Carragher Chronicles – May 1, 2012

The Carragher Chronicles – May 1, 2012

Dear Pastors, Prayer Warriors, and AFBM Friends, Thank you so much for you prayers, love, and support. Each of you make a profound difference in our lives and are examples of our Lord’s love. Every month the Lord blesses us with testimonies from folks we minister to.

Recently, I received this note from a pastor and would like to share it with you: “There is a lady in the church who has witnessed to her friend for years, to no avail. Her son came back from a tour in Afghanistan a saved man, carrying a bible that our church Grace Baptist and AFBM sent over. Someone there witnessed to him and gave him a Bible. He came home saved.” Folks, we’ll never know on this side of eternity how many lives have been touched and changed through our shared ministry; but God does!

“Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and show thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not.” ~ Jeremiah 33:3Perhaps Missionary William Carey had this verse in mind when he penned the words: “Expect great things from God and attempt great things for God.” As your missionary and with your prayers, I do expect great things from God and daily attempt great things for God. Here is a sample list (praises) from the past two months on how the Lord continues to exceed our expectations:

  • Twelve people saved during preaching and eight during face to face visitation.
  • Recruited and accepted another missionary family.
  • Shipped two-thousand pieces of Scripture.
  • Wrote a Veteran’s Hospital lesson plan for evangelizing our lost heroes.
  • Trained twelve pastors on military missions.
  • Trained two missionary families in Deputation 101.
  • Preached a Bible Conference where seven thousand whole Bibles and forty-thousand John and Romans where assembled and bound. We’re so thankful for this Scripture for our military heroes.
  • Sought and received approval from the V.A. to begin working on a biblical alternative to a PTSD treatment. Essentially, veterans who seek a Christian solution will be referred to us. When completed, this curriculum will be sent to Independent Baptist Churches close to V.A. hospitals to counsel the patient.
  • Sent Bible studies to a Chaplain in Afghanistan.
  • Met two soldiers who were saved after reading my Final Orders tract.

More Prayer praises:

  • Daniel is graduating from Sweethaven Christian Academy  on June 1, 2012. We’re so thankful for the folks at  Sweethaven Baptist Church and Academy.
  • Doug II has completed his Junior year of college.
  • Debbie has had her surgery and is doing great.
  • For our supporters and their ministries.
  • For the new missionary family.
  • For souls saved.
  • For the Scriptures donated.
  • Our home church, Good News Baptist Church in Chesapeake, VA turned forty-years old on April 16th.
  • For more than 750,000 pieces of Scripture shipped to our military heroes in the past five years.

Prayer Requests:

  • For Christ to have the preeminence in all we do.
  • For our military, veterans, and families who need to be saved.
  • For new support to replace lost.
  • For our health.
  • For the Lord to guide me as I lead missionaries and my family.
  • For a new binding machine used in the process of binding Bibles. The current one we use is fifty years old and at times failing. If you know a church or former ministry that has one they are no longer using please let us know.
  • For more churches to have an AFBM Bible Conference or military themed missions conference.
  • For Doug II and Daniel to stay in the will of God.
  • For shocks and struts on our ministry vehicle.
  • For continued dental work.
  • For the families and friends of the 6,500 war dead and that the Lord would use the loss for His glory.
  • For the more than 300,000 veterans and families suffering from PTSD.
  • For a board of Biblical Counselors and pastors to help compile a curriculum to reach our PTSD victims. Our guide will be the Bible and knowing the only emotion greater than fear is hope. Christ alone provides the hope needed for our veterans.

Thank you again for your prayers, love, and support. You’re our heroes in Christ,
Doug, Debbie, Doug II and Daniel