The Carragher Chronicles – September 7, 2011

The Carragher Chronicles – September 7, 2011

Dear Pastor, Supporters, AFBM Friends and Family,

“And these things write we unto you, that your joy may be full.” ~I John 1:4

Thank you so much for your love, prayers, support, and the joy you bring us. We hope by writing how the Lord is working in our ministry, that your joy may be full too. We continue to be moved by your compassion for us and our mission field. You may not know it–but you all have a wonderful testimony with our family and those we’re called to reach.

This summer is the busiest summer any of us can remember. Every year in August, we hold a board meeting and Candidate School. Every fourth year, we add to that a full Family Week where we invite all our missionaries to attend. This year was a full Family Week. By God’s grace, we had around 90% of our mission family in attendance. What a time of training and fellowship we had in the Lord. Though it took me weeks of planning and work, somehow, I am thoroughly refreshed and recharged. It was our goal to train our missionaries to look to Jesus and trust Him alone. Also, we strove to do it in a first-class manner. It is clear from our missionary feedback that we met our goals. The testimonies are arriving daily on how the Lord lifted up the heavy laden and gave them rest — the rest only He can provide.

In the last two months, we represented the ministry in nine new churches and at two national conferences, we visited three new bases, and welcomed a new Associate Missionary. Moreover, we also conducted individual training for two missionaries on furlough. We continue to build and maintain an updated list of churches with which to refer our moving military men and women. We are in the process of amending our base list that is slightly outdated (even though it is only three years old). This review is badly needed: for instance, while updating just North Carolina, we found over 150 new churches and 200 changes to current churches! Indeed, this is a moving target.

Our Scripture ministry continues to grow with Bibles being shipped to bases around the world. Since our last letter, fifty cases are now in the hands of our heroes.

Our oldest son Doug is now a junior in college, and our youngest Daniel is now a high school senior. It’s a joy to watch them grow in the Lord. Debbie is doing well and continues to work at our church. I continue to fight the dental battle. My next appointment is on October 4th, and I need half of the $6,400.00 owed. Thirty days after that I will owe the other half. Will you join me in praying for the Lord to provide? These treatments will finish the bottom of my teeth.

As of this morning, almost 6,300 of our heroes have made the supreme sacrifice in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Thank you again for you love, prayers, and support. We love you and will be praying for you.

Doug, Debbie, Doug II, and Daniel